The Swingtet is the smaller sibling of the full Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra. With 4 horns, rhythm section and optional singer, the Swingtet still packs a punch and is ideal for mid-size venues/stages. The Swingtet’s repertoire is a mix of big band classics and small band favourites.

The 🌞 is out for #PeakyBlindersFestival! Here's The Jim Wynn Swingtet on the Carousel Stage with the brilliant dancers from @theswingeraUK πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί @thepeakyblinder

Alright bab! The Jim Wynn Swingtet will be playing some authentic #1920s #1930s music on our home turf this Saturday at The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival 1-2pm, right after @theswingeraUK 's dance class. #Bostin #Brum #PeakyBlinders #PeakyBlindersFestival #lindyhop #swing jimwynnmusic photo

Great to visit @NTTheFirs today for some #compositional inspiration, including playing on one of Elgar's pianos jimwynnmusic photo